Saturday, March 10, 2007

You wouldn't want to be a Gladiator

Two weeks ago the topic for Toon Club was: Gladiator. After doing a little research, I remembered that gladiators had basically slave status in ancient Rome. I also started thinking that these gladiator battles were basically big, entertaining outings in Rome, & figured that after the battles, the spectators probably continued entertaining themselves with parties & socials, you know - Hey man, after the battle we're all goin' to my place for some wine & a dip in the pool.... So I got more excited about illustrating a pool party in ancient Rome than the actual gladiator. I included him at the party (even though I'm sure the gladiators were probably not invited to any pool parties) but tried to remain true to the gladiator's slave status. I lived in Italy for a few years & wanted to try & capture the environment of Rome so I spent a little more time on this one than I really have time for. I also got excited about putting a bunch of little Roman references in the illustration as well, see if you can spot them all!


pamo said...

i'm afraid i'm not smart enough to 'get' all the symbols, but i wish i was....i'm sure it would make it even funnier than it already is.

Elle said...

I liked this little game