Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good News For People Who Like Bad News

Although I am a modest, Modest Mouse fan, this post has nothing to do with them but the title. After pitching a few products to Deseret Book a couple of months ago, the verdict is in - No Righteous! 2. Wha wha. At least not now, perhaps in the future when more sales figures from Righteous! 1 come in and blah blah blah. The actual good news however is that DB IS keen on another product I pitched - The Book of Mormon Card Deck. So after finishing up the artwork over the last few weeks, the art is done and submitted, so the new card game should be on the shelves at Deseret Book by fall. Yay. - Also my wife and I had a new baby this week - Baby Greta. Yay again.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Sticky Little Project For Sticky Little Folks

The Salt Lake City Weekly recently had me do this cover for them with an illustration of the game board for the inside article. Obviously it's a play on SLC and Candyland. This was a big project that had to be done quickly, but was really fun to do. I felt like it was a lot of color to work with, but that's the nature of Candyland. Hopefully all the color's not too hard on the eyes.