Friday, June 15, 2007

I've been kinda busy 5

I've also been doing some freelance work for JDH group. Last year they did some stuff for Xango's big annual event and they had me do a bunch of illustration for them. This year, they are trying to get a jump on the project and are in the process of bidding for it. They had me prepare some stuff to use for their pitch. Xango's theme this year is "Invasion" so I came up with a bunch of retro themed britsh invasion type stuff as well as space invasion ideas. I used some of JDH employees' heads for some of the characters here rather than the actual characters from shows like: Lost in Space and Star Trek. This was a lot fun, I hope they get the project so I will have a chance to do more for the event.

I've been kinda busy 4

Last weekend, our neighborhood wanted to do a block party. I organized my old college band to perform for it. We called the event: The Annual Block Rock. Hopefully we will actually do it annually, it was pretty fun.

When I was in college, I had band called Jogan Janes. We performed fairly actively for about 4 years and recorded two albums. The first incarnation included a female lead singer named Becky. She decided she was ready to move on after a couple of years and we decided we were interested in playing a bit more aggressive music that she didn't quite fit. I think she's gone on to be in a number of acoustic, electronic, and experimental bands.

It was fun playing with her, but we really hit our stride after she left. We had a good time performing in lots of clubs and bars around the Salt Lake area. Evetually, everyone got married, had kids, started careers, moved away etc. and we basically broke up. I decided to concentrate on piano and really got into jazz music for a couple of years and decided it was time to start performing again. I formed a new jazz band with my old college drummer Corey and new bass player Van, who ended up marrying my sister in law. We are called the Killjoy Trio and perform pretty regularly for weddings, art shows, and upscale gigs around the valley. It's been a lot of fun getting into jazz and learning new things and having the simplicity of a trio, but it's also fun to rock every once in a while. Jogan Janes is all back in Utah now, so we get together to jam a couple of times a year for fun, and when this gig came up, we thought it would be a good chance for a rock reunion. We invited Van to play with us as well and all had a great time- even our old buddy Drew came to mix the sound! We played about half Jogan Janes originals and half covers. Here's the lineup: John Barnard-Guitar/Vocals/Keyboard, Corey Hyer-Drums, Bryan Beach-Vocals/Guitar/Piano, Van Hoover-Guitar/Bass, Ryan Buttars-Bass/Guitar. Here's some photos of the event, some of us are a little fatter and a little balder, oh wait, that's just me.

I've been kinda busy 3

Cirles & Squares Animation is working on some stuff related to the Beijing Olympics. These are designs for the Beijing Background and a Rickshaw. I think I know a guy named Rick Shaw. I also think the cultural specialist for the project was frowning upon the use of a rickshaw, so it probably won't get used, but it was fun to design anyway.

I've been kinda busy 2

Here's an Illustration The Friend had me do, I believe it's for a poem.

I've been kinda busy 1

The last month or so, i've been kinda low on "freetime" mostly being extra busy at work, several freelance projects, and organizing/playing band engagemnets. I haven't had much time for Toon Club, but things have settled down for a bit, so maybe I can get back into it next week. Here's a bit of what's been going on.

Pigs wearing clothes. We're doing a new season of Pig Tales at FFFF and I've been designing and art directing it. The first episode has to do with fairy tales and so the characters will be dressed in costumes. Here's some designs.