Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Sound of Music (Animal Style)

Here's some final character designs for a Sound of Music parody short we're working on at FFFF. Also a background design based on the Matterhorn. And yes, I know the Sound of Music took place in Salzburg, Austria, and the Matterhorn is in Switzerland, but it's The Alps and I think the scenery still works.

Righteous! 2?

Dave and I have pitched a sequel to Righteous! the Book of Mormon DVD game, to Deseret Book. The first incarnation has seemed to do pretty well, so we're hoping to do another, this one with a church history theme. I have already produced a lot of the production art and music. Were not sure when we'll get the thumbs up or down from DB, but if we do get the go ahead we will complete the DVD and questions and hope to have it out within the next year. Here's the box art and some song samples I arranged and recorded. These were really fun hymns to jazz up. (These are m4a files, so you download them and drop them into iTunes to listen.)

1. Come, Come, You Saints

2. Firm Foundation

3. Praise To The Boogie Man

Cute Cuisine

The Friend Magazine asked me to do this illustration for one of their upcoming issues. My first attempt was not quite "cute" enough, so I submitted this second attempt which seemed to pass the "cute" test.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Recent Projects

Here's a background for an upcoming Faux Paw short at Circles & Squares Animation and a poster idea for an animated movie pitch.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Another illustration I recently did for Utah Business Magazine. Something about how technical security can be overwhelming to the business man.