Monday, March 26, 2007

Old Timey Stuff

I am working on some illustrations for a series of short stories about a kid who grew up in the 50's in Idaho and has some entertaining and humorous tales to tell. I've done five or six sketches and decided to take this one to the final stage to give the author an idea of how they would all turn out. I wanted to do them Black & White so they felt consistent with the era.


S.T. Lewis said...

Hey... Spin and Marty! Ask Adrian.

Great drawing and characters and execution... I mean "of the horse." We are executing the horse for doing this, aren't we? Really nice work, Bryan.

Elle said...

I was just reading these stories, mom left them for me to read, so this picture was fun to look at after just reading the story. I like it. Has the auther seen this yet?