Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Righteous! 2?

Dave and I have pitched a sequel to Righteous! the Book of Mormon DVD game, to Deseret Book. The first incarnation has seemed to do pretty well, so we're hoping to do another, this one with a church history theme. I have already produced a lot of the production art and music. Were not sure when we'll get the thumbs up or down from DB, but if we do get the go ahead we will complete the DVD and questions and hope to have it out within the next year. Here's the box art and some song samples I arranged and recorded. These were really fun hymns to jazz up. (These are m4a files, so you download them and drop them into iTunes to listen.)

1. Come, Come, You Saints

2. Firm Foundation

3. Praise To The Boogie Man


pamo said...

come come ye saints is my favorite

pamo said...

what am i saying. i mean boogie man. my favorite stretch of any song anywhere.

S.T. Lewis said...

For some reason I can't listen to the audio stuff. It says the files are "m4a." If I was smarter I could probably figure out how to hear the songs... but I am not.

Adrian Ropp said...

Praise to the Boogie Man is possibly the greatest song ever. And kudos on the covert... I think you upped your "game" again!

*End Transmission*

Elle said...

This is really impressive.

TOVAR said...

Oh man. . .I was doing a search to find the original righteous game and got pulled in by this. I was so excited to buy it. Such a clever game! I would totally love to have one for the bible and Church history.