Friday, October 19, 2007


In May of 2006 my friend/co-worker Dave Thompson and I concepted and designed a DVD board game similar to that of Scene It. Ours is an LDS themed game based on The Book of Mormon. We were able to license it to Deseret Book and a year and a half later it is finally on the store shelves. - or rather - will be on Monday Oct. 22 2007.

We're of course excited to see some fruits of our labor. The concept was basically Dave's idea that I ran with. There's an adjustable game board, game pieces, dice, cards, and of course, a DVD. The DVD has music, animation, picture puzzles, animated word puzzles, etc. etc. This was a huge undertaking for the two of us, especially considering there's no guarantee the game will sell well. But I had a lot of fun developing and creating aspects of the game.

I illustrated/designed the box, game board, characters, cards, and all of the illustrations for the DVD puzzles. I composed and recorded the theme music for the DVD, playing all instruments and arranging LDS Primary standards in a jazz combo style. And I even did a bit of character animation of the Nephi cartoon in the main menu. Animation is definitely not my forte, but it was fun to do a little of it. Here's a little Low-Res sample of the DVD menu:

Dave concepted most of the interactive DVD games as well as programmed and designed them. He did all of the effects and 3D animation. He and his wife, Natali, wrote and figured out all of the DVD questions, and he designed all of the DVD menus and how the DVD would actually work (that was a headache).

We even got Pam to record the music for the "Name that tune" section and her brother-in-law Mike Moore to write all of the questions for the cards (no easy task). They all did a really awesome and top notch job!

Anyway, the game will be on sale on Monday in any Deseret Book brick and mortar store for about $35. It has already been on sale through their website for the past month or so and think they're offering it for %15 off.

Here is some of the artwork and multimedia I did for it:

The company we formed is Peculiar People, here is the logo I designed - Yes - that's me and Dave respectively.


pamo said...

love it!! yay!!

Elle said...

This is ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING BRYAN!!!!I can't believe the talent you people have.

sixmoores said...

We love it. I can't wait to play!

Nathan Lindsay said...

MOVE OVER Arnold Friberg!
Bryan=awesome. I love it all. Great to hear your jazz piano finally. post some music up for us to enjoy. Your game art is amazing.

Heather Dixon said...

Dave showed me the game yesterday. It's awesome! Korihor is the best character design. Ever.

Ynaffit said...

I don't see the lines in your hair, there Pres. Beach. BUT, You are PRETTY Cool!!!

Can I have your autograph, since I am your neighbor and all.


S.T. Lewis said...

Well, it's going to sell at least one copy, because I'm getting this thing. This is awesome, man!

I love your character designs.
I love your music.
I love the Beached versions of those old Book of Mormon paintings.
I love the game board.
And most of all... I love the way Nephi strums to the music with his bow. Excellent! A million times... excellent!

You're the coolest person ever. Still proud to know ye.

Katie McDee said...

This is so fantastic, I'm gonna have to get one for FHE!