Monday, October 22, 2007

Righteous! Music

Here are some audio files to enjoy from the new Righteous! Game as recorded by The Bryan Beach Quartet. I arranged some jazzy numbers based on a few LDS primary tunes as well as writing some original content for the main menus of the game's DVD.

1. B.O.M. Stories

2. Nephi's Courage

3. Search & Samba

4. Bachelor Dad


Elle said...

This is really impressive. I would be interested in just the CD as well. What a great and more exciting way to listen to chuch music.

S.T. Lewis said...

The Bryan Beach Quartet is one of my favorite bands. You're insanely multi-talented, Mr. Beach.

Ken Chandler said...

Really excellent all around. My favorite is Bachelor Dad. What a great sound.

Fantastic project! I hope it is really successful for you Bryan. I can tell you put in long hours on it. The end product is extraordinary.

Jennifer T. said...

I saw your illustrations in the November Friend, they look good

Nathan Lindsay said...

you are awesome.