Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hey Rocky, watch me pull RAGE outta my hat!

This illustration sure is small in this format. Too short and wide I guess, but it was the only way I could fit all of the characters in! Click on it for a bigger version.

This week's ToonClub topic is Rocky and Bullwinkle. I really got excited about redesigning all of the characters from their variety show. The original designs by Jay Ward are cool, and being a 60's animation fan, I like them even though they are simple, but I thought I could try to improve upon them a little, so I Bryan Beached them up a bit. I figured they could all be together in Palm Springs for a some sort of reunion. Bullwinkle is so stupid, maybe Rocky had a few too many martinis and decided he'd had enough of being Bullwinkle's sidekick. I think Rocky is probably an angry drunk and Sherman is wearing a Weezer T-shirt.....tee hee.


pamo said...

nice! so this is what you do while the rest of us are sleeping.....or reading juvenile literature.

S.T. Lewis said...

This is one of my favorite things you've ever done... or anyone's ever done... ever. I imagine this is what the characters would have looked like if they hadn't rushed all of their animation of them... these are the ideal version of them. You go above and beyond for Toon Club, man - this is pure genius in every way.

chris chua said...

wow...this is so awesome! I love Rocky and Bullwinkle!! lovely composition and colors. Keep up the great work, man!

Ken Chandler said...

You already know I'm in love with this piece so you'll excuse me for not going on about how in love I am with this piece. Did I mention it's incredible?

I have a confession, I'm not an independantly wealthy freelancer-- in fact I'm in school part-time at BYU and working part time at the 'Y' and freelancing. Needless to say I'm busy. This is mainly why my entries at Toon Club have not been up to scratch. I'm currently doing some work for Covenant Communciations (in American Fork, UT), and helping my wife and her sister get their business (Cordelia's Corner) off the ground. I've completed a logo, business cards, and a flyer for them. I'll be working on their catalog here soon. Will be doing some photo clean-up over this next week. I'm hoping that this business venture will make us independantly wealthy and I can just sit back and do Toon Club exclusively. Joking!

After graduation in August I'm going to start pushing some manuscripts I've written for the Children's Book market, and see about illustrating them as well. We'll see how it works out.

Way more information than you'd wanted, just thought I'd clarify the freelancing thing. Thanks for stopping by.

Nathan Lindsay said...

This is pretty good...if you wanted it to be better you could think about adding like a thousand more characters.

...seriously Bryan, thanks for sharing your stuff. This is so very really amazing.

Alina Chau said...