Thursday, August 9, 2007

Beijing Backgrounds

Here are some Backgrounds I've been working on for Circles & Squares Animation. They are doing a cartoon short about Faux Paw the internet safety cat at the "Animal Games" in Beijing. I believe this is the third Faux Paw film they have worked on.


S.T. Lewis said...

Your backgrounds are excellent, man. I love the variety of the trees in the park one, and the spacing and foreground objects and everything in it is great too. The color schemes for the internet cafe ones are beautiful. I am a fan of the Bryan. Nice work, sir. If I ever have an animation studio, you're working for me... at gunpoint if necessary.

pamo said...

hey, you're a real regular poster! i'm loving it!

Nathan Lindsay said...

I refuse to be amazed by your talents ANY MORE!

...ok, just this last time. You impress me. These are really great. You forgot to post your Lampwick one on your blog. It was too good.